Non Slip Rug to Carpet Fleece Underlay

Anti-Slip Rug to Carpet Grip

StayPut Non-slip rug underlay is specifically designed to stop rugs creeping or sliding when laid on carpets. The ‘sticky’ feel fleece fabric holds the rug in place without adhesive, and without damaging the rug or the underlying carpet.

Available in pre-cut retail packs or Bulk Roll Size.





  • Holds rugs in place without glue and without damaging the rug or carpet
  • Provides anti-slip safety, helping to reduce the possibility of tripping or slipping on wrinkled rugs.
  • Easily cut to rug shape or size
  • Makes vacuuming easier, keeps rugs in place
  • The underlay should be slightly smaller than your rug, to prevent the underlay from showing.
  • Washable at 30° C, which refreshes the underlay and extends its active life
  • Allows rugs to be taken up, moved or changed easily, without damage to the carpet or rug
Item UPC CODE Size Size Metric Carton Qty
White CCG-W-10100-60-120 23.7" x 47.25" 60 cm x 120 cm 12
White CCG-W-10100-100-150 39.25" x 59" 100 cm x 150 cm 12
White CCG-W-10100-120-180 47.25" x 70.75" 120 cm x 180 cm 12
White CCG-W-10100-170-240 67" x 94.5" 170 cm x 240 cm 12





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