PER®formance Fabric
Technical Specification

Product Type PER®formance
Material ECO PER®
Depth/Thickness (mm) Variable available inc. 1.4mm/2.4mm/4mm
Colours Variable – 11 colours standard in 2.4mm
Construction Composition
Solid Ingredient PET Emulsion Pastes
Liquid Ingredient ECO Plasticisers –Biodegradable – Non-Toxic - Palm Oil
Support Structure 100% Polyester
Warp Polyester
Weft Polyester
Count Yarn 150D
Breaking Strength (daN) minimum 300 daN
Weight (g/m) 6,3 +/- 0.3
Texture smooth/ textured
UV Ingredient UV531, CAS:1843-05-6
Fire Retardant Ingredient
DBDPE is a flame retardant suitable for use in systems where recycling is anticipated. It is not acutely toxic and teratogenic, not harmful to the environment can be used in the formulation of products meeting European dioxin ordinances.
FR-8200 is a wide-ranged white powdered additive type fire retardant widely used. It has very good thermal stability high bromine content and it exhibits good UV resistance.
Chemical Name: DBDPE
Empirical formula; C14H4BR10
Molar mass: 971.2
Odour: Odourless
Melting Point: 345 deg C
Appearance: White powder
Durability: Thermally stable at ambient temperatures
Rubber – Latex Ingredient None
Toxicity FREE from Carcinogen – Phthalate, Phenols, Heavy Metals – See Certifications



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