ECO PER®formance Twister Grips

PERformance Twister Grip

The StayPut PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin) is an eco friendly patented material which offers a flexible range of fabrics and matting that is ideal for domestic and commercial use.

PER®formance Twister Grips are a pack of 4 non-slip circular discs, designed to cushion surfaces and improve hand traction and grip.

Whether it is opening a stubborn screw top lid or using a screwdriver or other hand tool, a twister grip is non-abrasive, soft and comfortable to use in the palm of your hand, durable, long lasting and washable.

They are also useful as a protective mat under pots, vases or table lamps to reduce scratching or marking on windowsills, painted or wood surfaces.

The StayPut ECO PER®formance fabric is made from a non toxic resin which is free of rubber and latex, odour free and does not emit any toxic chemicals or gases, the polymer environmental resin is melded onto a mesh, supported by polyester fibres resulting in an open weave construction. The mat has been successfully tested against harmful substances; Oeko-Tex Standard 100- Product Class 1(for baby articles).

Colours Available: Pearl White, Almond, Indigo Blue & Black

Twister Grips
Twister Grips

Pack of 4 non-slip circular cushioned discs

  • Food safe
  • Non Toxic
  • Rubber and latex free
  • Improves grip when removing stubborn or tight lids
  • Can be used to aid grip with screwdrivers or other tools
  • Under plant pots, protects windowsills from marking and scratching
  • Protects stacked china when used between plates or dishes, to stop chipping and marking
  • Contains no latex or rubber
  • Biodegradable
  • Washable 40°


Pearl White
Pearl White
Electric Blue
Indigo Blue
Forest Green
ECO PER Certification
  • Oeko-Tex Standard -100 Product Class 1 (for baby articles) – TPVO 043943
  • FDA Certified United States FDA Testing Standards SGS CY-2007 – 10529B. Food Grade.
  • Phthalate Free – Does not contain PVC or Toxic Metal. SGS UG-2008-20035
  • RoHS Standards – SGS - CE-2009 – C8168
  • European Commission (EC) – REACH
  • Biodegradable - PIDC Test 2009-11-03
  • Toxic Heavy Metal Free – SGS UG-2008 – 20035A -03
  • European Union PAHS Subject Content Standards. TUV 113073454
  • Japan ST Toy Safety Testing Standards – 070202052-4

Please click here for PER®formance Materials Technical Specification for Certification and Accreditation

Item UPC Code Size Size Metric Carton Qty
Twister Grip - Pearl White PERTG-PW-4 5.5” dia. 14cm dia, 4 Per Pkt 20
Twister Grip - Almond PERTG-A-4 5.5” dia. 14cm dia, 4 Per Pkt 20
Twister Grip - Indigo Blue PERTG-IB-4 5.5” dia. 14cm dia, 4 Per Pkt 20
Twister Grip - Black PERTG-B-4 5.5” dia. 14cm dia, 4 Per Pkt 20



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