MANDALA PER®formance
Full Circle Yoga Mat

Mandala Circular Yoga MatThe Isagi Mandala PER® Full Circle Yoga – Exercise Mat is an exciting departure from a standard oblong mat for fitness, pilates, yoga practice or as a children’s play mat.

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit, the full 5ft circular mat allows for complete freedom of movement promoting fluidity of posture and position, without the usual restrictions that an oblong mat creates. The cushion depth is 4mm which is the most popular thickness for general exercise as it gives the right level of stability and comfort.

The textured, cushioned non-slip mat is made from a non-toxic resin called PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin), this fabric is free of latex and rubber, is odour free and does not emit any toxic chemicals or gases, and is biodegradable.

The mat has been successfully tested against harmful substances Oeko-Tex Standard 100-Product Class 1 (for baby articles) The mat is folded within a custom made webbed carry strap that doubles up as a foot stretch belt.

Mandala Circular Yoga MatMat depth: 4mm

Colour Available: Purple

The mat can be wiped clean as needed, with warm water and a little mild detergent, natural disinfectant or lemon juice and allowed to dry naturally, laid flat.







  • 4mm depth
  • Full 5ft Diameter circle
  • Yoga Mat includes custom made webbed carry strap, which doubles as a stretch strap
  • Accredited with Oeko-Tex Standard 100-Product Class 1 (for baby articles)
  • No latex or rubber, non-toxic, chemical and odour free
  • Biodegradable
ECO PER Certification
  • Oeko-Tex Standard -100 Product Class 1 (for baby articles) – TPVO 043943
  • FDA Certified United States FDA Testing Standards SGS CY-2007 – 10529B. Food Grade.
  • Phthalate Free – Does not contain PVC or Toxic Metal. SGS UG-2008-20035
  • RoHS Standards – SGS - CE-2009 – C8168
  • European Commission (EC) – REACH
  • Biodegradable - PIDC Test 2009-11-03
  • Toxic Heavy Metal Free – SGS UG-2008 – 20035A -03
  • European Union PAHS Subject Content Standards. TUV 113073454
  • Japan ST Toy Safety Testing Standards – 070202052-4

Please click here for PER®formance Materials Technical Specification for Certification and Accreditation

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MANDALA Full Circle Yoga Mat - Purple CYM-PER-PU 60" dia. 152 cm dia. 12




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