Asana Yoga Mats

Isagi Yoga MatThe Isagi Asana Non Slip Yoga Mat is the ideal mat for Yoga or Pilates exercise or just quiet comfortable meditation. The plush, cushioned, non slip surface ensures the confidence of non-slip balance and a secure foothold.

A good Yoga Mat is essential for safe exercise, the area of mat and depth are important considerations, the most popular thickness is 4mm which gives the right level of stability and comfort. Asana Yoga Mats are big enough to allow for extended movements within the mat area, for most people.

Asana Yoga Mats are washable and available in the 3 most popular chakra colours; Purple, Pink and Blue. All the mats include a strong cotton webbed carry strap which also ensures the Yoga Mat is neatly rolled when not in use.


What is Asana and what are Chakra Colours?
Asana Purple Non Slip Yoga Mat with carry StrapAsana is the ‘Sanskrit’ word for posture, and is popularly used to describe the physical movements or poses adopted in Yoga exercise.

Charkras are the seven energy centres of the body. The energy centres (chakras) are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the others. They are based on the seven colours of the spectrum, and directly relate to the energy centres of the body.

Asana Pink Non Slip Yoga Mat  Asana Blue Non Slip Yoga Mat

Item UPC CODE Size Size Metric Carton Qty
Purple PU-YM-30090-61-183 24" x 72" 61 cm x 183 cm 12
Blue BL-YM-30090-61-183 24" x 72" 61 cm x 183 cm 12
Pink P-YM-30090-61-183 24" x 72" 61 cm x 183 cm 12



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