Ideas for use

Here are just a selection of the ideas for use…

Isagi Non-Slip Fabric

Around the home…

Tablemats on dining table Kitchen Drawers and Shelves Lined
  • Under pot plants preventing pots from marking window sills
  • Under telephones on surfaces to stop sliding and scratching
  • Under tablecloths to add protection to the table surface and stop the tablecloth from moving
  • Under the foot pedal of a sewing machine to stop it sliding around the floor
  • Under bottles, aerosols and metal cans in the bathroom to stop rust marks and rings being left in cupboards or on shelves
  • On high chair trays to prevent children pushing or sliding plates or bowls
  • As tablemats or coasters preventing plates and cups from sliding or buy the pre-cut sets

In the kitchen…

  • Lining wood, laminate and glass shelves prevents ornaments, china and glassware moving or getting chipped
  • Between your stacked ‘special’ china plates to stop chipping
  • Lining draws to stop utensils moving and stop scratching
  • In the fridge vegetable drawers, helps prolong veg and fruit life allowing air to circulate
  • Under a chopping board to stop the board moving or slipping on work surfaces and protecting the work surface from scratches
  • In the sink cupboard under metal cans and aerosols to stop rust marks and rings on the shelves
  • Helps in unscrewing jar tops or opening bottle tops
  • Under pet bowls preventing pets from pushing them around the floor, particularly the water bowl
  • Between baking trays and roasting tins when stacked to stop scratching
Fridge Drawer Liner Plate Dividers Chopping Board mat

In the kids room…

  • As a mat for Jigsaws or building bricks to stop pieces moving
  • Model making mat
  • Under board games stops the board from sliding
  • As a playmat for children on tables to stop scratching and small items moving, like paint trays and water pots
PC laptop on PER Fabric Puzzle Mat in Indigo Blue

In the lounge/study…

  • Under computers to stop movement and scratching of tables
  • Under cushions to stop cushions sliding off hard surfaces
  • Under portable CD or DVD players stops movement and scratching to surfaces
  • On wheel chair seats to stop cushions slipping

In the Garden…

  • Garden shed shelves
  • On garden seats and benchs to prevent cushions moving
  • On the shelving in the greenhouse for seed trays
ECO PER Basket Liner Car Dashboard Mat Car Boot Liner

In the Car…

  • On the dashboard keeping sunglasses or mobile in one place
  • In storage pockets to stop small items such as coins moving or rattling
  • Lining the car boot to stop shopping or items moving around and protecting surfaces
  • Under car mats to stop them moving
  • Under trays or cake boxes when transporting i.e. taking your contribution to the BBQ or party
  • Under pet carriers or animal travel cases to stop them sliding around


  • Around the caravan or motorhome in cupboards and drawers to stop items moving whilst on the road
  • Between and under TV/DVD and audio appliances to stop scratching to surfaces
  • Lining shelves to stop objects moving
  • Under a chopping board to stop the board moving or slipping on work surfaces and protecting the work surface from scratches
  • Under air mattresses to stop them sliding on polythene tent flooring
  • Under tablecloths to add protection to the table surface and stop the tablecloth from moving or blowing away
  • Under cushions on plastic or wood chairs or recliners, prevents cushions from sliding
Galley shelves in Taupe Tablemat in Caravan Boat Cockpit in Almond


  • Lining galley cupboards and shelves to prevent plates, glasses and cookware moving, particularly when travelling
  • Under anything during food preparation on the boat, stops chopping boards, plates, bowls etc. sliding
  • Placed at the side of the companionway to stop handheld compasses, binoculars etc moving
  • Under winch handles to stop scratching and movement at sea
  • In the fishing bag, keeping hooks from getting tangled


  • Under notes, books or laptop on a lecturn to stop them moving

Isagi Heavy Duty Professional

In the Home, Garage or Workshop…

  • Lining tool boxes to stop tools scratching or moving
  • On work benches or work tops to stop items slipping whilst routing, drilling, planning, sanding or sawing allowing clamp free use

Caravan or Marine…

  • Lining Gas bottle lockers or heavy duty storage compartments
  • Lining lockers to prevent scratching, corrosion and movement
Heavy Duty for Workbench


  • Lining boots to stop items moving
  • Prevents scratching of work vans



Shop shelving in Pearl White Anti Slip in Beds Bulk Rolls

Grocery Stores
Isagi non-slip fabric is ideal for use in grocery stores as a shelf liner, as a disappearing backdrop for colourful displays, and as a non-slip base to grip products on sloped display shelves.

Restaurant, Pubs, Hotel Industry
Isagi non-slip fabric can benefit the restaurant industry it has uses on serving trays, and on storage shelves to stop glasses chipping and helping them dry quicker by allowing air to circulate.

Isagi non-slip fabric can benefit manufacturers by being added to products solving problems or making items more efficient or more effective.

Isagi non-slip fabric can benefit transportation organisations by helping reduce or minimize damage and claims caused by shifting and sliding of precious cargo. Laid on the floors of vans to stop scratching and movement.

There are a Myriad of uses for Isagi non-slip fabric.



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