Grip for Slipper Sole Fabric

Gripfor Slipper Sole Fabric in WhiteGripfor Slipper Sole fabric is a hard wearing non slip material typically used in the manufacture of slippers used in Hotels, Spa's etc.

The non slip side of the material is a closed cell TPE, which makes it 100% waterproof. This tough fabric has strong tear and abrasion resistance and excellent non skid properties under both wet and dry conditions, it is resistant to both high and low temperatures and is washable @ max 40 degrees. The reverse side is made of a cotton webbing.



Gripfor Slipper Sole Fabric GreyTPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) is a recyclable form of rubber, which does not contain any heavy metal or halogenated ingredients (such as PVC) and is manufactured to strict environmental standards meeting RoHS standards.

The fabric is easy to cut and sew, and can be effectively used wherever you need to attach a strong non slip solid surface to another material, for example:

  • slippers,
  • babygrows,
  • bag shoulder straps,
  • underside of cushions etc.Gripfor Slipper Sole Pack Black


Item UPC Code Size Size Metric Carton Qty
White SSF-W 53" x 100' 135cm x 3000cm 1
Grey SSF-G 53" x 100' 135cm x 3000cm 1
Black SSF-B 53" x 100' 135cm x 3000cm 1
White SSF-PW 26.3" x 12" 30cm x 67cm 12
Grey SSF-PG 26.3" x 12" 30cm x 67cm 12
Black SSF-PB 26.3" x 12" 30cm x 67cm 12



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