CoolMax Anti-Moisture
Spacer/Layer Fabric

CoolMax Cooling Spacer fabric
CoolMax Anti-Moisture 'Spacer' Layer

CoolMax is an ingenious high tech fabric, an anti-moisture spacer/layer fabric which improves air circulation and reduces humidity around your body and bedding allowing you to keep cool and dry in hot conditions while you sleep.

The innovative fabric has been designed to 'breathe', so that heat and moisture generated from your body whilst lying or sleeping on the fabric will evaporate within the first hour.

The soft, light, texture of the fabric allows air to flow freely, so ensuring that no moisture is trapped inside your mattress, cushion, pillow or on you!

CoolMax is easily washed in a 40 degree max wash, and dries quickly; it can also be cut with scissors to shape.

CoolMax can be used in any environment, particularly useful for leisure pursuits like sailing, camping, caravanning, or even on a sunbed, and equally as good at home in warm weather.

Available in pre-cut sizes or as a 20 mtr Bulk Roll

Colour: White







  • Standard 4mm depth 100% polyester knit
  • Flame Retardant,
  • Easily cut to size/shape with scissors
  • Washable
  • Recyclable.
Item UPC CODE Size Size Metric Carton Qty
CoolMax - White CM-180 x100 70.8" x 39.3" 180cm x 100cm 6
CoolMax - White CM-180-200 70.8" x 78.74" 180cm x 200cm 6
CoolMax - White CM-180-Bulk 70.8" x 32.8' 180cm x 10mtrs 1



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