StayPut PER®formance Bar Matting

PERformance Bar and Shelf Matting

The latest StayPut PER®formance non slip shelf liner is designed for use in bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels or where glasses are stacked on shelves or for washing and draining areas.

The non slip shelf liner is 1.2mm in depth, slightly raising the glasses above shelf level. This helps prevent chipping and allows glasses to dry quickly, by increasing air circulation and ventilation.

The matting is easily cut to shape and length, washable at temperatures up to 120 degrees.

Per®formance shelf liner is Oeko Tex Certified to Standard 100 for skin safety, Food Grade Standard and complies with the EEC Rohs and Reach regulations.

PERformance Bar MattingIt is fire resistant and UV stable so even if the shelves are in direct sun light the matting will not discolour.

If a size is required that is not listed in the table beneath please contact us as bulk rolls can be cut to various widths.

Bulk Size: 135cm (53.1") x 3000cm (98')

Colour: Black




  • Flexible, tough and hardwearing
  • Food Grade quality
  • Heat resistant to maximum of 120°C
  • Washable in up to 120°C
  • Easy to clean
  • Toxin free and non allergenic
  • Fire Retardant and UV stable
  • Biodegradable
  • Suitable for both Domestic and Commercial applications
  • Can be easily cut and shaped
ECO PER Certification
  • Oeko-Tex Standard -100 Product Class 1 (for baby articles) – TPVO 043943
  • FDA Certified United States FDA Testing Standards SGS CY-2007 – 10529B. Food Grade.
  • Phthalate Free – Does not contain PVC or Toxic Metal. SGS UG-2008-20035
  • RoHS Standards – SGS - CE-2009 – C8168
  • European Commission (EC) – REACH
  • Biodegradable - PIDC Test 2009-11-03
  • Toxic Heavy Metal Free – SGS UG-2008 – 20035A -03
  • European Union PAHS Subject Content Standards. TUV 113073454
  • Japan ST Toy Safety Testing Standards – 070202052-4

Please click here for PER®formance Materials Technical Specification for Certification and Accreditation

Item UPC Code Size Size Metric Carton Qty
Dry Shelf Liner/ Bar Matting BM-135-B-Bulk 53’ x 98’ 135cm x 3000cm 1






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